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Selected or Award


2016    Mari Funaki Award/selected in emerging artist/ Melbourne, Australia (Agust 2016)

2014    Finalist/ BKV PRIZE 2014 for Young Applied Art / Munich, Germany (Sept. 2014)

2014    Selected / SCHMUCK 2014 / Munich, Germany (March 2014)

2013    Grand Prix/ ITAMI International Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition 2013/ Itami, Japan(16 Nov-23 Dec 2013)

2013    Finalist/ Art Jewelry Forum/ U.S.A.(August 2013)

2013    Selected/ SCHMUCK 2013 / Munich, Germany (March 2013)


Group Exhibition


2016    CATCH-the 6th exhibition of earrings/ Bomb Metal & Fry Jewelry Studio/ Taipei, Taiwan(11Sept.-2Oct.)

2016    The Legacy Award/ Alliages/ JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair 2016/ Barcelona, Spain(29Sept.-1stOct)

2016    Mari Funaki Award / Gallery Funaki/ Melbourne, Australia (23August-24Sept.2016)

2016    Bench 886-Bubble Land/ Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h/ Quebec, Canada (27May-10July2016)

2015    A time of gifts/ Stanley Street Gallery/ Sydney, Australia (25Nov.-24Dec.2015)

2015    SIERAAD Art Fair/ Amsterdam, Netherland (10-13Nov2016)

2015    Oh me, oh my!/ Bilk Gallery/ Canberra, Australia (7Nov.-24Dec.2015)

2015    Inner Crease/ Upstairs at the Napier/ Radiant Pavilion/ Melbourne, Australia (1 Sept.-3 Oct. 2015)

2015    Moving Toward Light/ Tacit Contemporary Art Gallery/ Radiant Pavilion/ Melbourne, Australia (1-6 Sept 2015)

2015    Perfect Mutations/ Chrissie Cotter Gallery/ Sydney, Australia (8-20 July 2015)

2015    Bubble Land/ Kobeia Gallery/ Germany, Munich (11-15March 2015)

2015    BKV-Prize 2014 for Young Applied Arts/ Neue Messe/ Munich, Germany (11-17March 2015)

2015    Let your hair down/ Gaffa Gallery/ Australia, Sydney (19Feb.-02March 2015)

2014    Sabato Lab. Christmas Exhibition/ Sabato Lab./ Taiwan, Taipei ( 6Dec.2014-10Jan.2015)

2014    Christmas Exhibition 2014/ Galeria Tereza Seabra/ Lisbon, Portugal (29Nov.-24Dec. 2014)

2014    JOYA Art Jewellery Fair 2014/ Arts Santa Mònica/ Barcelona, Spain (9-11 October 2014)

2014    BKV-Prize 2014 for Young Applied Arts/ Galerie für Angewandte Kunst/ Munich, Germany (12Sept.-4Oct. 2014)

2014    AIVA Contemporary 2014 To Be With You: International Exhibition of Contemporary Jewellery

            / Star Space/ Shanghai, China(02June-31July2014)

2014    SCHMUCK 2014/ Neue Messe/ Munich, Germany(12-18March2014)

2014    Ni Hao! Ten Contemporary Jewellery Artists from Taiwan/ Gallery Kobeia/ Munich, Germany(12-18March2014)

2013    Taiwanese Contemporary Jewellery towards the Future-Joint Exhibition for selected Taiwanese submission in International Crafts               Competitions 2013/ National Taiwan Museum/ Taipei, Taiwan(28Dec. 2013-23Feb.2014)

2013    Ni-Hao! Taiwan Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition/ Nepo Gallery/ Taipei, Taiwan (14 Dec. 2013-19 Jan. 2014)

2013    ITAMI International Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition 2013/ The museum of Arts & Crafts ITAMI/ Itami, Japan(16Nov.-23Dec.)

2013    2013 Beijing International Jewellery Exhibition ‘’JEWELLERY. IDENTITY/China Millennium Monument

            / Beijing, China(24 Sept.-12 Oct.)

2013    Magic City/ Velvet da Vinci/ San Francisco, U.S.A. (12 June – 14 July) 

2013    A Dialogue on Pursuing Dream and Achievement- Craft Art in Multiple Materials/ Presidential Gallery

            / Taipei,Taiwan(28 Jan-30 June)

2013    SCHMUCK 2013/ Neue Messe/ Munich, Germany (06-12 March 2013)/ Legnica, Poland (May, 2013)



2011-2012    Master of Arts/ Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Products / Birmingham City University

                      /School of Jewellery/ United Kingdom

2010-2011    Extended Diploma in Art and Design (Jewellery Design Crafts)/ Birmingham City University

                      /School of Jewellery/ United Kingdom

2005-2009    Bachelor of Design/ Product Design Department/ Ming Chuan University / Taiwan

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